About Us

Find your voice!

 Sessions at Kimberlyrics are customized to each student. No more going to a music school and rolling the dice with what you hope is a good teacher! At Kimberlyrics we are passionate about what we do and it shows in not only our lessons but our many projects! 

I wanted to open a school of my own where students were put first and where teachers like me could thrive! My dream was to offer not only a school but a place full of opportunity for students to perform. With our seasonal recitals, Summer Fair appearances, youtube channel, Musicals and facebook I am happy to say Kimberlyrics is the school I always dreamed of creating. 

We don't just offer lessons. We offer a lifestyle.



Below is a list of policies pertaining to lessons at the Kimberlyrics studio. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss them.

By paying your first month’s tuition and attending a full lesson you are agreeing to the terms of these policies.

What you’ll need:

Vocal students will need water and a notebook where I can write down what they’ll need to work on throughout the week.

Piano students will need their piano books and a notebook.  I will let you know which books to purchase and also provide a link for easy purchase. Unfortunately I do not sell the books at Kimberlyrics but can assist in helping you find them!

Guitar students will need their instrument, guitar book, and a notebook. Please also bring your tuner, if you have one, and picks if you prefer to play with them.  If you don’t yet have a guitar you will be allowed to use the studio guitars during your lesson. I will provide you the link of where to purchase your guitar book and help you locate it before your lesson.

Acting students need water and a notebook.

All other instruments need only bring their instrument, a notebook, and whichever curriculum book is assigned to them.

I ask that all of my students practice during the week on their own.  The more you put into your lessons the more you’ll get out of them!

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice minimum must be given if you are going to miss a lesson.  If 24 hours is not given you will be charged for the lesson.

Exceptions include emergencies, injuries, and very severe weather.

If you have a vacation planned or need to miss a future lesson please let me know as soon as you can and I will gladly work around it for you.

If I need to miss a lesson or close the studio you will be given a week’s minimum notice and have the option to make up the lesson or hold the credit and apply it to a lesson at a later date.

If a lesson is cancelled and the 24 hour rule was followed I will work out a makeup with you depending on both of our schedules.  I ask that you please make up the lesson in the same month. If no makeup can be arranged then the lesson will be an extra credit on your account and will go towards next month’s tuition.

Refund Policy:

If after the first lesson you determine lessons are not for you, within 24 hours of your first lesson you are eligible for a refund for the remaining 3 lessons. After that 24 hour time frame there are NO REFUNDS. If an emergency takes place credits can be applied to your account and used when you return.

Kimberlyrics is not responsible for lost or stolen property that’s left in studio. Kimberlyrics is also not responsible for any injuries or accidents that happen while on property. Use caution in the hallways.


Tuition is due the first week of every month and will cover the entire month. Kimberlyrics accepts Credit Card, Check, Cash, or Paypal.

If balance is not paid by the time agreed upon lessons will stop and you may lose your time slot so please always pay promptly.

If you know you have a conflict with a lesson within the month you are paying for, please discuss it with me at the time of payment and accommodations may be made.  Tuition will be adjusted for any pre planned vacation.