Kimberlyrics Christmas carol

Kimberlyrics Christmas Carol presented students performing their Christmas favorites for friends and family on November 30! Missed this years? Come check out next year's Kimberlyrics Christmas Carol! Lessons are offered year-round at Kimberlyrics. 


Kimberlyrics Carol Chamber AUditions

 Kimberlyrics presented the 2019 Carol Chamber Auditions in East Dundee, Illinois. Students and members of the community auditioned to sing. The auditions were October 12, 2019 at 3 PM held at Kimberlyrics, 10 E Main Street, East Dundee, IL. 

Kimberlyrics Presents 2019 KimberIdol!

Kimberlyrics Presents 2019 KimberIdol in East Dundee, IL! Kimberlyrics students auditioned and sang their hearts out in front of families and friends. There are many more events planned for this year and next! Come check us out on our Facebook page at


All original musical written by Ashley Hornback and produced by Kimberlyrics Music Lessons!

With score by Kimberly Church, Siran is an original musical written and directed by one of our very own talented students, Ashley Hornback! 

Ashley is a Barrington High school student who has been with Kimberlyrics for 2 and a half years. We are very proud of her!

Siran is set in a dystopian future where hope is as scarce as resources. The society is led by an evil but complicated dictator and the only chance of survival is in the hands of a hopeful group of rebels. 

Siran debuted in April at Parker Playhouse in Barrington and both shows were sold out! We are VERY proud of all the involved students! 

You can watch the show at